Fascinating Education Announces Free Access to High School Science Courses for Teachers and Tutors during Coronavirus School Closures

Posted Apr 09, 2020

Fascinating Education is offering free access to teachers and tutors for any single course for the next 90 days.  Traditionally, Fascinating Education has focused on the homeschool market. In today’s environment, everyone is a homeschooler.

Dr. Margulies, the creator of Fascinating Education, wants to offer his courses  to teachers and tutors for professional development and/or as a tool for preparing lessons for their students. Offering Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology - Dr. Margulies uses questions and answers to engage students in an interactive relationship.  Dr. Margulies (a neurologist) understands how we learn, how we focus our attention, how we retrieve information, and how emotion and motivation affect learning. He uses this knowledge to create science courses that focus on scientific facts while eliminating unnecessary complexity. Dr. Margulies engages the student by bringing a real-life touch to all the lessons so that it is clear why the material is important for them.

The net result of this approach is an efficient and effective way to learn science. It is a solid program for use in school, after school, home school, or simply to understand the world around you.

Visit to try sample lessons for each course.

To signup for a course – send an email to: [email protected] – include your name, email address, course request, and school name/tutor organization.  Approval and access credentials will be emailed back to you as quickly as possible.

About Dr. Sheldon Margulies and Fascinating Education

Dr. Margulies is a retired neurologist who turned his passion and attention to creating online science courses. He attended law school, taught neurology to over 2500 medical students and residents, and authored three educational textbooks.  Throughout his career, he has honed his teaching skills and is now applying them to improve the way science is taught.  He hopes to inspire our youth to pursue careers in science.