New Schedule Examples from Public Impact to help Keep Live, Face-to-Face Connection When Students and Teachers Are at Home Due to COVID-19

Posted Apr 09, 2020

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.—Public Impact has created new schedule examples for at-home learning, either full-day or half-day, for elementary and secondary school Opportunity Culture multi-classroom leader teams and their students. During this unprecedented crisis, the right schedules, along with videoconferencing, can help keep students and educators emotionally connected, while ensuring continued instructional excellence by teaching teams.

These materials will help schools provide students with face-to-face connections with each teacher and classmates, optimize use of other online learning, limit total screen time, and provide flexibility for when technology shortcomings and family disruptions affect students. Read the materials:

Multi-Classroom Leadership + Team Reach Elementary Schedule Example for At-Home Learning

Multi-Classroom Leadership + Team Reach Secondary Schedule Example for At-Home Learning

More help for Opportunity Culture schools during the COVID-19 crisis is available here, with more to come.

The national Opportunity Culture initiative, founded by Public Impact and now in about 30 sites in ten states, extends the reach of excellent teachers and their teams to more students, for more pay, within schools’ recurring budgets.


About Public Impact

Public Impact’s mission is to improve education dramatically for all students, especially low-income students, students of color, and other students whose needs historically have not been well met. We are a team of professionals from many backgrounds, including former teachers and principals. We are researchers, thought leaders, tool-builders, and on-the-ground consultants who work with leading education reformers.  

Learn more about an Opportunity Culture on the website, which provides free Opportunity Culture tools, educator videos and columns, and instructional leadership and excellence resources. Funding for development of resources to help schools design and implement Opportunity Culture models and support teachers taking on new roles has been provided by national foundations.

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