PRESS RELEASE FROM WHITE FISH, LLC (PISTIS.IO) has launched its global Pistis Learner’s Record (PLR)

Posted Apr 09, 2020

" has launched its global Pistis Learner’s Record (PLR)", says CEO of White Fish, LLC. which has created the revolutionary blockchain platform service, ”We believe that individual learners should own and control their learning records, and PLR will help them re-imagine learning with easy-to-issue, easy-to-share, and easy-to-verify digital credentials on blockchain.”

Pistis Learner’s Record is establishing a new blockchain learning credentialing standard and offers the following 10 guiding principles:

1. Universal access for learners of all ages. Learners should have direct access to blockchain services with or without any association with an institution in order to issue, share, store, verify, manage and search their learning credentials on blockchain.

2. Learners should have the ability to store all of their learning records in one easy-to-access and easy-to-verify online location no matter what document format the learning record is in and/or which blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) it was originally issued on.

3. Learner’s records should include learning artifacts such as a piece of music, video clips and computer program codes other than just certificate-based documents because learning credentials are best evidenced in their original forms.

4. Learners should have the ability to easily delete their accounts or hide their online profiles to protect their online identity and privacy.

5. Learners should also have the ability to encrypt their personal and sensitive data online as an additional layer of data security.

6. Access to learner’s records on blockchain should be easy. Learners should have the ability to access their own learning records via smartphones and web browsers on their computers.

7. Learners should have the ability to issue their own learning records on blockchain for their learning achievements that they have made from both in and outside of the classrooms, including soft and power skills.

8. Learners should have the ability to choose how they want to share and with whom they want to share their learning records.

9. Learners should have multiple ways to share their learning records on blockchain including via email, social media, PDF, as well as traditional printed paper copies.

10. Finally, all learner records should be saved and stored in a truly distributed file system with hash links and encryption to protect data security.

In developing this new global PLR standard, has followed the industry standard Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) guiding principles, and have further created new guidelines to specifically support and protect individual learner’s rights to issue, share, verify, store and maintain their lifelong learning credentials.

Click here to view the PLR video explanation.

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