PRESS RELEASE FROM WHITE FISH, LLC (PISTIS.IO) is offering automated solutions to help students get their digital diplomas ASAP.

Posted Apr 09, 2020

"In less than a month, we can help education institutions to get the digital diplomas ready for your students.", says CEO.

In the US, at least 42 states have so far implemented “Stay at Home” orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Schools, colleges and universities have shut down and moved their classes online. Many schools that are planning to hold virtual graduation ceremonies have run into a dilemma to get the student diplomas ready.

The best solution is to issue digital diplomas on blockchain, which is secure and less expensive, easy to access and to share; it is also tamper-proof and readily verifiable.

Students will need the diplomas to apply for jobs or pursue advanced level learning, can help them get it ASAP.

If you need to get the high school diplomas prepared for your seniors class and get them done quickly enough for the May graduation, we are here to help. is a blockchain platform service and provides a secure and easy to access learning credentialing solutions. We help school districts around the country to get high school diplomas prepared within one month so you can deliver the digital diplomas to your students quickly. The diplomas are secure, readily shareable and verifiable.

We only charge $2 per issuance to cover the blockchain service expenses. There are no annual contracts or maintenance fees required.

We guarantee to get it ready for your school districts to issue digital diplomas within one month. Please contact us to get the diplomas ready for your virtual graduation in May.

Contact at [email protected] or call us at (818) 925-6880 or visit the website to know more.

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