Students of all abilities can play and explore music with Skoog!

Posted Apr 09, 2020

Denver, Colorado (For Immediate Release) - Do you know parents of students with special needs who are worried about keeping their child engaged and learning? Do you know a child who just loves music? Guitars and drums can be difficult to play, but Skoog makes it fun and easy to get started. You can play Skoog with any part of the body; hands, elbows, feet – this means everyone can join in!

Children can learn how to play their favorite songs using the Skoog app for iPad. Simply click on the music tab and your music library will appear. You can then choose a song and the Skoog app will tell you which color to press on the device to play the song yourself (and headphones can be used)! 

See it in action here.

For a limited time, you will receive a free training course with the purchase of a Skoog.

Available at the Apple Store, Amazon, or buy direct and save $5!

For more information, please email us: [email protected] or call (720) 432-7223