BetterLesson Expands Offerings to Provide No or Low-Cost Professional Development on Distance Learning

Posted Apr 10, 2020

Cambridge, MA -- BetterLesson, announces the release of new, no-cost professional development sessions designed to help teachers and leaders make the shift to distance learning. These offerings leverage the company's deep proficiency delivering 1:1 virtual coaching and Virtual Learning Series to equip teachers and leaders with the frameworks, strategies, and dispositions needed to support students in a remote learning environment. 

Distance Learning is a challenging shift for any K-12 educator. It relies not just on new skills for teaching and learning in this setting for teacher and student alike, but also on district systems and tools. The ten new no-cost and discounted professional learning sessions address needs such as:

• Student-Centered Culture: Building the Concept of Community at Distance

• Equity in Distance: Making Your Distance Learning More Equitable

• Collaboration and Communication Systems: Developing Shared Places

• Leading Through Change: Supporting Teachers' Continuous Improvement of their Distance Learning Plan

BetterLesson is committed to supporting the evolving needs of educators during these challenging times. Starting the week of April 6, they are hosting no-cost virtual learning sessions on distance learning for leaders and teachers. Register today through their events page. School or district-specific sessions can be scheduled for groups of 10 or more. 

To learn more about how BetterLesson can support your school or district, visit or email Caroline Atwood [email protected] 

BetterLesson Resources and Supports for Distance Learning

• Getting Started with Distance Learning Resource Guide (no-cost)

• Virtual Learning Public Events Page (no-cost)

• BetterLesson 1:1 Virtual Coaching

• BetterLesson Virtual Learning Series


About BetterLesson

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