Announcing the Launch of Momentum Metrics and the Momentum Metrics Advising Dashboard

Posted Jul 01, 2020

Momentum Metrics is excited to announce the launch of its new company and the release of the Momentum Metrics Advising Dashboard™—a new standalone software tool designed to improve student success in higher education.

Mount Airy, NC (July 1, 2020) - Momentum Metrics, a new education software company whose mission is to provide staff and faculty advisors in higher education with tools to promote student success, announces the launch and release of the Momentum Metrics Advising Dashboard (MMADb™).  This dashboard is designed using research and literature on key short-term or momentum metrics that have been shown to increase graduation rates. 

“Advising students is a high impact practice,” says Dr. Ricardo Fierro, co-founder, and MMADb developer. “It reduces attrition and increases student success. MMADb is a tool for proactive and timely student engagement when they need it the most, which is crucial in students achieving their academic goals.”

The MMADb uses available data to measure student early progress toward completing their degree and provides that information on a graphical dashboard with indicators of the following key momentum metrics:

1. Units Metrics, which indicates the student course load for the current term.

2. Gateway Courses Metric, which measures student progress towards completing critical courses for their major.

3. Retention Metric, which indicates the student enrollment in the next term.

The dashboard also provides graphical displays of overall student progress as well as additional details that can help staff and faculty advisors in assisting students with making informed choices during their academic careers. 

MMADb is a standalone Microsoft® Excel file, so there are no complex systems integrations with existing data management systems. It can also be easily integrated into existing advising practices so that staff and faculty advisors can implement the technology quickly without major fundamental organizational and behavioral changes.  The MMADb file imports student data and is ready to use once it is configured for the specific school and program. Once configured, academic advisors can quickly review their assigned students by clicking on slicers to create individualized dashboards.  

Co-founder and director of marketing, Dave Petri states that “Today, with advisor-to-student ratios approaching 500, academic advisors do not always have time to adequately monitor student progress. MMADb addresses the need by providing advisors with a fast and accurate tool to accomplish effective performance screening.  As a result, staff and faculty advisors can monitor and provide their advisees the informed guidance they need.”

With the ability to handle multiple majors and academic programs, MMADb works on any computer with Microsoft Excel and can quickly and easily be adapted to any academic institution.  It is suitable for anyone who performs student academic advising and it is easy to implement and learn.  Momentum Metrics offers two solutions packages to academic institutions, which can be specifically tailored to meet their needs.  Both packages include onboarding consultation with options to include product support and update contracts after purchase.  Pricing is based on institution size and requirements.  Go to to learn more.


Momentum Metrics™ is an education software company whose mission is to provide staff and faculty advisors with the necessary tools to ensure student success. Its Momentum Metrics Advising Dashboard (MMADb) is a standalone Microsoft Excel file that produces a dashboard so that measures and displays the momentum metrics that are strongly associated with improving graduation rates. Learn more at or contact us at [email protected].


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