Ease Learning Announces Ease Learning Accelerated

Posted Jul 06, 2020

Today, Ease Learning, a leading provider of customized learning design and development services announced the launch of Ease Learning Accelerated.  As more and more institutions are looking to scale their online offerings in an abbreviated timeframe, Ease Learning has developed a hybrid learning design service offering that combines learning design support and the tools and resources an institution needs to help enable their internal resources to successfully build out their online learning products. 

With Ease Learning Accelerated, Ease’s team of expert learning designers work together with the institution to create an Ease Learning Framework, essentially a blueprint for success that is customized to the specific institution.  The Framework will help assess institutional readiness, identify gaps in knowledge and resources and also includes a course blueprint template that can be used by the institution’s own internal resources to build out and scale their online learning courses.  

The Framework integrates pedagogy, learning design and technology to help create an optimized learner experience for the online environment. c The Framework allows help the institution provide a consistent experience for students because faculty have input and are provided with the tools to adhere to the agreed upon standards identified in the Framework. 

One challenge that many institutions fail to address in their haste to move courses online is how to capture the essence of the institution in the online environment.  Students taking online courses also have an expectation of quality, and want to experience what differentiates the institution from others. The Framework, which is part of the Ease Learning Accelerated offering ensures quality, rigor, and addresses how to embed the essence of the institution into the online course. 

Packaged as part of the new service is a subscription service of on-demand training tools and live consulting sessions where institutions can tap into Ease Learning’s design experts to answer questions that may arise as the institution starts to build their own courses using the framework and template provided. 

The solution, available now, helps reduce the overall time needed to and becomes a cost-effective alternative to fully outsourcing all learning design needs. 

“We understand the tremendous pressure colleges and universities are under,” said Laurie Pulido, CEO of Ease Learning. “We created Ease Learning Accelerated as a means to support all types of institutions as they bring courses and programs online.  We want to ensure that institutions are providing authentic learning experiences to their students and not losing what makes them stand out as they migrate online, all the while ensuring that the quality and rigor of the course remains intact once it has moved online.” 


ABOUT EASE LEARNING: Ease Learning does things differently. Ease Learning’s products and services build a strong foundation for scalable, learner success and support learners all of the way through to successful completion.When Ease Learning designs the learner’s pathway, the end goal is identified right from the start. Ease Learning uses what could be described as a reverse engineered approach to learning design and creates a performance pathway that optimizes outcomes.  Ease Learning has three offerings that complement each other and allow a focus on all aspects of the student journey and gives access to an unprecedented level of learner analytics. Ease Learning provides the following to the higher education community: Institutional and Program Level Frameworks for Learning Design; U.S.- based Helpdesk; and Ease Platform a SaaS product that enables course design and learning analytics at scale. To learn more visit,