EdTech Vet Annette Rodriguez Joins Torsh as Chief Revenue Officer

Posted Sep 14, 2020

Former Educator, Tech Exec, and Entrepreneur Tapped to Lead Sales and Service Expansion Efforts for the company behind TORSH Talent

(New Orleans, LA) Torsh Inc., an education technology industry leader, providing video-based observation, reflection, and coaching solutions, announced today the appointment of Annette Logsdon-Rodriguez as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Annette brings over 25 years of experience to the role, from her beginnings as a classroom teacher to her time as a curriculum and technology integration specialist at Apple, and most recently serving as the Director of Partnerships at BetterLesson. In this new role on the Torsh executive team, Annette will be aligning all revenue-related functions, including growing the sales team and leading the company’s expansion into delivering services alongside its technology offerings.

The addition of Annette to the executive team is a significant milestone for the company and will help achieve its long-term objective of becoming a technology and services company. "We are excited to welcome an industry veteran to our team. We believe that she will help us better achieve our mission of improving student outcomes by increasing educator effectiveness. Ultimately, our ability to successfully achieve our mission requires us to offer a broad suite of technology, content, and services to our clients. Annette's relationships, knowledge, and wealth of experiences enhance our ability to execute our long-term goals," says Courtney Williams, CEO of Torsh. 

Torsh supports organizations in K12, Higher Education, Early Education, and Early Intervention by providing a robust set of features that simplify the complex interactions required to fully support educator growth. Torsh is currently launching a new strategy that will expand its offerings. Through partnerships, Torsh will supply the services needed to craft custom solutions that are more closely tailored to customers' unique goals. 

Rodriguez, who was brought on to help facilitate this shift in strategy, echoes Williams’ enthusiasm: “I’m thrilled to join Torsh at this key growth stage and work alongside its talented team to execute on the company’s vision for expanding partnerships, adding innovative services, and making our customers even more successful. I look forward to bringing TORSH Talent, the preferred platform in our industry, to educators during this uncertain time when leveraging technology to support educator growth is nothing less than imperative.”

Torsh is delighted to welcome Annette this month and looks forward to the strategic growth and increased support of having her on board as CRO. Get to know Annette better here!

About Torsh

Founded in 2012, Torsh began as a video observation platform that has since evolved into a full-service professional learning platform serving educators' professional development and coaching needs nationwide. The platform facilitates classroom observation, virtual coaching, data capture, and management of coaching and learning artifacts. TORSH Talent also seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms like zoom, Canvas, and Salesforce. TORSH Talent is HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant and serves tens of thousands of educators in over 2,000 schools, universities, and organizations in the United States. For more information, visit