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Note from the editor

Dear readers,

Just as the one-size-fits-all "industrial" model of K-12 public education is no longer enough to prepare students for the modern workforce, the collective, workshop model of professional development is no longer the predominant way to support educators’ professional learning.

Personalized learning experiences aren't just a goal for the classroom anymore — they're highly sought out for PD over traditional sit-and-get seminars. And there's no shortage of topics to cover.

Today's educators are seeking training on innovative learning models, new classroom technology, alternative approaches to discipline, teacher leadership and more. With social media, Ed Camps and alternative credentialing models like badges or microcredentials, it's also easier than ever for them to seek these opportunities on their own, in informal settings as opposed to a conference or strictly defined program.

While it can be a challenge to keep track of, exploring and embracing these avenues based on a school or district's needs can be well worth the investment when it comes to reimagining school models and preparing for the future. To help keep you in the loop, Education Dive will keep this page up to date with new professional development trends and updates throughout the year. Here are some recent highlights from our coverage.


Roger Riddell Editor, K-12

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District leaders say choice in professional development is good, but high-quality, standards-based options are necessary.

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The value of professional learning networks can't be underestimated, providing lessons on improving everything from student voice and parent involvement to encouraging students to read.

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Experts say demanding rigorous preparation, building a career ladder, and facilitating teacher collaboration are some ways to address ongoing shortages and high turnover rates.

NYC teacher leadership program touted as international model

In a survey, 70% of the principals who responded agreed a joint district-union program helped them attract teachers, and 81% said it helped with retention of the most effective educators.

Pre-to-3: New certification recognizes strong early-childhood STEM programs

Leaders at AdvancED, the certification's developer, want relevancy for classrooms serving infants and toddlers, not just those entering schools.

Forget 'sit-and-get': 3 approaches are transforming professional development

Technology is making it easier for administrators to provide relevant, real-time and focused PD opportunities, but leaders say maintaining time for connection and collaboration is key.

Principal Pipeline districts see stronger student achievement gains, retention

The RAND Corp. finds implementing a "cohesive" package of activities made the difference in improving the recruitment and retention of school leaders.