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The impact of Coronavirus on Higher Ed Enrollment

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Note from the editor

Colleges were already gearing up for a competitive recruitment and enrollment cycle. Then the coronavirus hit, closing campuses, disrupting admissions testing and making it near impossible for accepted students to visit campuses as they made their final selections. 

In the fall of 2019, the National Association for College Admission Counseling dropped key provisions from its ethics code that would allow schools to keep recruiting students after May 1. That date has historically been the deadline for students to pick a college, and for colleges to stop trying to attract them.

This spring, the association took another step back from guiding schools' recruiting practices. It reframed its ethics code as a set of best practices to consider rather than a template to follow.

All this comes amid a projected demographic drop-off in the number of high school graduates, lagging international student enrollment and general wariness about the cost and value of higher education.

You can read more about the trends driving competition in enrollment and the impact of the coronavirus in the stories below.

Hallie Busta Senior Editor, Higher Ed

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