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Partisan divides remain biggest hurdle for NCLB rewrite

Conferencing between the Senate and House is underway, but it’s not clear if there’s enough political will to clear remaining hurdles.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Kate Schimel (Education Dive)

NYC poised to approve $30M ed deal with Amazon

The deal would cover the development of an online marketplace for digital classroom tools and resources.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Kate Schimel (Education Dive)

ACLU video depicts officer handcuffing third grader

The case is the latest in a series of controversies around how schools discipline students, especially minorities and those with disabilities.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Kate Schimel (Education Dive)

Coding courses provide entry point for girls in tech

Between summer bootcamps and additional computer science courses, Florida educators are looking to get more young women into tech careers.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Kate Schimel (Education Dive)

NY district's solar move could cut energy costs in half

Warwick School District in upstate New York invested $4.7 million in the project, which is expected to be completed next year.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Kate Schimel (Education Dive)

Barnes and Noble College Division officially its own company

The spinoff leaves the newly minted Barnes and Noble Education with more opportunities for growth.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Tara García Mathewson (Education Dive)

Tracking student data responsibly

Data analytics has the power to solve crimes and keep students from dropping out, but institutions must be wary of the privacy implications.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Tara García Mathewson (Education Dive)


Less Dependence on Placement Tests

New student assessment approaches steer away from subject mastery placement tests and towards more comprehensive noncognitive assessments.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Ross Markle, Ph.D., Senior Research and Assessment Advisor, Educational Testing Service (Education Dive)

Simplifying FAFSA: Is an adaptive form the answer?

The NASFAA has an idea for the student fianncial aid form that would require different information based on responses to initial questions.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Tara García Mathewson (Education Dive)

Is a wide shift to BYOA on the horizon?

The transition by some higher ed IT departments acknowledges that apps may be more important to the network than the device itself.

Aug. 4, 2015 / Tara García Mathewson (Education Dive)