10 Educause tweets that show what CIOs took away from the conference

If you clicked into the #EDU12 hashtag during the 2012 Educause annual conference last week, you know that the tweet frequency in Denver was high enough to be worthy of the city's elevation.

Education Dive already put together a list of the higher education and IT show's biggest announcements. As for its tweets, we thought we would leave that to tech professionals that Educause was held to serve. We watched the discussion all week. By Friday, we learned that Educause has its own Hulk and that Elliott Masie has shiny shoes, but we also found words of wisdom from these CIOs:


1. We already do badges #edu12, we call them certifications. Things like PMI, Oracle, MS Developer. . . .
Timothy Chester, University of Georgia

2. Raw computation is not a very useful thing to teach. If you can answer the ? in Wolfram Alpha, it's not an interesting ?. T. Gray #edu12
Debra Allison, Miami University

3. Change your vicious circles into virtuous ones by adopting a mobile/social/cloud strategy. Transparency + collaboration = Trust #CIO #edu12
Phil Komarny, Seton Hill University

4. Big change coming to higher ed is OPENNESS. Social media playing a significant role. #EDU12
Jonathan See, Pepperdine University

5. #EDU12 Joel Hartman--CIOs facing "permanent whitewater." Cloud, byod, federated everything, budget free fall
– Anne Scrivener Agee, University of Massachusetts Boston

6. #EDU12 Many Starbucks empl. in china never had a cup of coffee before. It's like people who advise on teaching who have never taught before.
Ganesan Ravishanker, Wellesley College

7. Ann Margulies talking about edX, stresses that faculty & Provost led effort at Harvard and MIT. #EDU12 pic.twitter.com/nElldXWF
Joanna Young, University of New Hampshire

8. GSU 90-95% return rate on the iPad loaners - hardest group to get them back from: faculty #edu12
Ellen Borkowski, Union College

9. Here's a very informal (rambling and overly long) write-up of my #edu12 conference experience this week: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106468757175189544923/posts/AULs8vSVe3N …
Melissa Woo, University of Oregon

10. Excellent Closing sesion by Edward Ayers http://www.educause.edu/members/edward-l-ayers … Discovery in a Digital World humanities focus #edu12
Bruce Maas, University of Wisconsin–Madison


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