2013 to bring plenty of changes to Ohio's public schools

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  • Michael Sawyers, Ohio's acting state schools chief, says that while much of 2013 will be spent implementing programs passed in 2012--like the third-grade reading guarantee, new teacher evaluations, new report cards for schools and expanded voucher programs--the state will also start using Common Core exams and developing a new formula for school funding.
  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich had hinted at his new funding plan, saying that one proposal will deal with early childhood through 12th grade and that "50% of the dollars that go to colleges and universities are only going to them if they graduate students and not enroll them.”
  • Gerald Stebelton, Republican leader of the state's House Education committee, says he hasn't been privy to the details of the governor's plans, but he thinks there will be increased emphasis on performance and operational efficiency, while the committee's ranking Democrat, Nickie Antonio, worries the funding system won't change much at all and will favor schools in upscale communities. 

From the article:

This year saw many changes in education in Ohio. Students got new tests and requirements. Teachers got new evaluation systems. And, charter schools and universities saw new oversights as well. But as StateImpact Ohio’s Ida Lieszkovszky reports, the new year will bring plenty of other changes to the way the state’s schools are run. ...

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