ASU Global Freshman Academy to feature personalized learning tech

Dive Brief:

  • Arizona State University has partnered with Cerego for a personalized learning platform that will help students study and see their own progress in the Global Freshman Academy.
  • Campus Technology reports that the technology measures the pace at which students are learning and forgetting content, calculating the best times to review material for long-term retention.
  • Students in the Global Freshman Academy will be able to monitor visualizations of their own learning progress, seeing how well their memory is across the range of coursework.

Dive Insight:

ASU announced its Global Freshman Academy this spring, offering a full freshman-year courseload in massive open online course format to anyone in the world. Students can take the courses for free or elect to take them for credit for no more than $800 per course. In announcing the initiative, ASU framed the offering as a way for students to work through first-year courses in a lower-stress environment. Without even applying to the university, they can take courses and decide at the end whether to pay for credit.

The academy places MOOCs in direct competition with on-campus, for-credit courses as ASU has committed to treating course completers the same as their on-campus peers when it comes to graduation requirements.

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