California GOP lawmakers propose public university tuition freeze

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  • Two of California’s Republican legislators—state Sen. Anthony Cannella and Assemblyman Jeff Gorell—are proposing a ban on tuition hikes at the state’s public universities and colleges for the next seven years.
  • The two lawmakers say they want to make sure Proposition 30 backers keep their promises that tuition won’t increase, though CSU Spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp says the only thing promised by backers of that ballot measure was that the state’s systems of higher education wouldn’t be hit by “trigger cuts.”
  • In response to Cannella and Gorell’s proposal, Chico State University President Paul Zingg wrote that he likes the idea of keeping education affordable, but that adequate funding and financial aid are necessary for this.

From the article:

Two Republican legislators propose banning tuition hikes for the next seven years at all of California's public universities and colleges. "The cost of tuition has gone through the roof," state Sen. Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres, said in a phone interview Monday. He authored one of two bills calling for a tuition freeze. ...

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