EdTech: What K-12 educators need to know

Technology is changing the way the entire world operates — from commerce to transportation, there is not an industry that is not being transformed by the digital revolution.

Education is no exception. Education technology provides numerous possibilities for interactive teaching and learning, as well as increasing process efficiency in the administrative offices. But research has shown that most administrators are entirely reliant upon their vendor relationships to guide the buying process; few actually know what they really need for their schools, and many admit to deploying technological solutions before they've fully identified a problem and laid out a strategy.

Our ed tech spotlight hopes to provide some guidance to administrators looking to tackle the world of ed tech procurement. We also provide some insight into just how vital access to technology has become in today's society — and what happens when schools and students lack that access. Here, we've compiled all of this week's spotlight stories into one place to serve as a primer of sorts for those who may be facing key tech decisions in the near future.

  1. The top 5 trends in K-12 ed tech — and where they're headed

    As technology becomes a mainstay for the classroom, K-12 administrators should consider these trends to ensure they are building solid ed tech strategies. Read More >>

  2. 3 tips for identifying what's useful in ed tech

    What should K-12 administrators keep in mind when navigating the flood of pitches from vendors? Read More >>

  3. Bridging the digital divide: Districts work to overcome access deserts at school and at home

    Not having access to reliable internet deeply impacts student learning and puts kids at a competitive disadvantage. Read More >>

  4. Best practices to protect and empower students online

    Hutto Independent School District Director of Technology Travis Brown offers his advice on how to protect students from illegal, indecent or time-wasting content without significantly limiting access online. Read More >>

  5. Rural districts band together to promote innovation across schools

    Collaboration among schools in the same district can heavily contribute toward student success. Read More >>

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