Google launches Connected Classrooms initiative for virtual field trips

Dive Brief:

  • Google announced the launch of the Connected Classrooms initiative, which will utilize Google Plus and Hangouts to facilitate virtual field trips.
  • Teachers and students will be able to plan the field trips, which are meant to alleviate monetary and student management concerns of physical field trips, as well as make it possible for students to see and interact with places they couldn't otherwise easily take a trip to.
  • The tech giant has partnered with numerous organizations in the initiative, so virtual field trips could visit locations ranging from the Seattle Aquarium to the International Space Station, and as many as four classrooms could participate.

Dive Insight:

This initiative is a great way to let students, especially in lower-income schools, interact with people and places a school couldn't feasibly get to on a physical field trip, as well as a great way to supplement lessons. We just hope it doesn't become an excuse to cut out the traditional field trip all together.

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Top image credit: Flickr