Groupnotes wins startup competition with educator focus

Dive Summary:

  • The Canadian startup Groupnotes won the overall competition at Wednesday's Startup Weekend-sponsored Global Startup Battle with its collaboration platform that's being targeted toward the needs of professors and other educators.
  • Competitors in the event launch startups within a 54-hour period, and co-founder Matthew Gardner explained that the product his team developed could serve instructors at the elementary through university levels.
  • The Groupnotes platform allows entire classes to annotate and otherwise take notes on materials and share those insights.


From the article:

"... The idea behind Groupnotes is to create a collaboration platform that works for education, with a focus on the needs of professors and educators to start. Groupnotes co-founders Matthew Gardner explained that while the platform should eventually hold appeal for enterprise and other users, too, the team felt it was important to first design a salable product aimed at a particular vertical, and then work on expanding its reach later on, after there are already some paying customers on board. ..."

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Top image credit: Groupnotes