Lynn University to require iPads beginning this fall

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  • Lynn University upgraded its wireless infrastructure when it was chosen to host the third presidential debate--a move that came with significant discounts because of the debate and allowed the university to move its new core curriculum to iPad.
  • The move toward the iPad began when the school began revamping its core curriculum in 2006, and Lynn officials were convinced that the move was the right decision after meeting with Apple representatives and learning more about the device and iTunes U.
  • Beginning this fall, all incoming Lynn students will be required to buy an iPad mini, which will contain their summer reading and core curriculum texts upon purchase, and, at a price of $475, cost half as much as print versions of course readers.

From the article:

When the Commission on Presidential Debates selected Lynn University as the site for the third presidential debate, it probably didn't realize that hosting the debate would force Lynn to upgrade its wireless infrastructure to accommodate the thousands of reporters who would swarm the campus - and that those upgrades would be significantly discounted because of the debate. This turned out to be just the push the university needed to launch a program it had been discussing for a while: moving its new core curriculum to the iPad. ...

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