McGraw-Hill introduces adaptive SmartBooks to e-textbook market at CES

Dive Summary:

  • McGraw-Hill Education rolled out its new adaptive e-textbook productive at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Tuesday.
  • The "SmartBooks" will learn from reader behavior and tailor experiences to needs by assessing retention, reading pace and other factors.
  • The company expects to have SmartBooks for about 90 courses selling for $19.99 each by spring.

From the article:

"... Content is still structured somewhat like a textbook but instead of asking students to read it thoroughly from start to finish, it coaches the student on how to read the material and quizzes them on various concepts as they move through each section. Depending on their responses, they’re guided along to different highlighted passages. McGraw-Hill said it expects to release SmartBooks at prices starting at $19.99 for about 90 courses later this Spring. ..."

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