NCAA ends its Scholarly Colloquium

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  • The NCAA announced Monday night that it will end its Scholarly Colloquium--which provided a place for often critical academic discourse at its annual convention--due to low attendance and the failure of its accompanying journal, The Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, to generate revenue.
  • The scholars who run the two-day event suspect the NCAA's decision to shutter the colloquium may actually be due to the association taking exception to "the critical examination of the college sport enterprise," and several people plan to write the association to push for the colloquium's reinstatement.
  • In their Wednesday afternoon presentations, speakers were critical of the NCAA and the college presidents who run the association, raising questions about the system's sustainability and whether it benefits the athletes who bring in tens of millions of dollars to their institutions and conferences.

From the article:

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- A three-person panel here on Wednesday afternoon painted a disconcerting picture of the financial model supporting collegiate athletic programs, arguing that the system is unsustainable and detrimental to the academic pursuits of the athletes who generate tens of millions of dollars for their institutions and conferences. Here's hoping they got the message out, because they're not going to have another chance -- at least not under the umbrella (and on the dime) of one of their primary targets, the National Collegiate Athletic Association. ...

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