New ed tech companies eye branded learning

Dive Brief:

  • One new ed tech startup based in South Africa is focusing on short lectures online and compartmentalized learning modules sponsored by various brands. 
  • The goal of the partnership is to make the idea of e-learning more interesting to people who may not want to understand it.
  • This ed tech startup is specifically focused on "branded learning," and future courses will reportedly include entrepreneurship, using social media, design thinking and advertising.

Dive Insight:

Like branded content in journalism, "branded learning" could signify courses or instruction sponsored by companies that have a stake in the content that is being offered. Such courses should be transparent in regard to their offerings, ensuring both participants and educators fully understand how the financial backers of the classes are involved with the content they're teaching. Otherwise, the integrity of the learning will be at stake.

A bubble still encompasses the world of technology startups in education. Last year, U.S. ed tech startups set a record high in revenue, raising $1.85 billion dollars in 198 deals. A reported $537 million of that went to K-12 products, while $711 million was spent on companies providing higher ed tools and solutions. Concerns have been voiced by some investors, who see the ed tech space as overvalued

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