Tech leads U. of Illinois to wrestle with new rules on cheating

Dive Summary:

  • The University of Illinois is reviewing potential updates to its student code in light of recently uncovered cheating scandals and new technologies that are becoming more readily available.
  • Online collaboration and connectivity has made take-home exams particularly succeptible to cheating practices, The Chicago Tribune reports.
  • New changes to the school's code may include a wider range of punishments, such as academic integrity workshops and required exams retakes, as well as more explicit definitions of what is and isn't considered cheating.

From the article:

"... The university says cheating and plagiarism are up in recent years. In the academic year that ended in June, 325 violations of the school's academic integrity code were reported. That's down from 465 in 2011 but far more than the 100 that were reported in 2006.

Technology, experts say, has made it easier to cheat through online test sharing and other means. ..."

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