Two new announcements advance path to credit for MOOCs

Dive Summary:

  • On Tuesday, Georgia State University revealed that it will evaluate credit for massive open online courses (MOOCs) with the same policies and guidelines it uses for AP courses or credits earned at other institutions.
  • Additionally, Academic Partnerships--a company that helps universities develop online degree programs--announced a new program called "MOOC2Degree" that will set up the first course of a partner institution's online program as a MOOC, with full credit awarded upon completion.
  • Both announcements reflect an increasing interest in developing a path to credit for MOOCs, and universities already planning to participate in "MOOC2Degree" include the Universities of Arkansas, Cincinnati, Texas at Arlington and West Florida, Arizona State, Cleveland State, Florida International and Lamar and Utah State.

From the article:

Two announcements this week suggest that MOOCs -- massive open online courses -- will increasingly include a route for students to receive academic credit. ...

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