University of Western Sydney to issue 11,000 iPads in 2013

Dive Summary:

  • Australia's University of Western Sydney announced that it will distribute 11,000 iPads next year in an initiative aimed at providing a device to every student and faculty member.
  • The school's goal is to provide a standard mobile-access experience across its campus.
  • The move follows the San Diego Unified School District's announced 26,000-iPad purchase earlier this year for 130,000 students, but the University of Western Sydney may be largest such purchase yet for an academic institution.

From the article:

"... The iPad initiative is part of a curriculum overhaul at UWS that will stress 'flexible study options' and 'a blended learning model,' The Australian reports. Traditional lectures will be augmented by a more interactive learning approach, Krause said.

'Mobile technologies will be a key part of this strategy,' she said. ..."

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